Wings and Wine

Wine pairs with everything. This adage may be disputed by many but if you are not too stuck in your ways and are up for an adventure, there are many  pairing events you can venture out to. Everything from candy and cheese to oysters and curry but the one elusive pairing has been chicken wings…. until now.

Just in time for all of those Super Bowl parties to come this weekend, I attended a wine and wing pairing event held by Just Wine.  Hosted at our local Fergus & Bix Restaurant and Beer Market who, as their name might suggest has a passion for Craft beers. They also however have an amazing menu of hand crafted items and a commitment to providing a quality wine selection making it the perfect location for an Every Day Foodie experience.


We explored 6 different wines and 3 different wing flavours all the while discussing the do’s, don’ts and best suggestions for pairing everyones favourite game day appetizer with wines to open up your options!


Here are my results:

  • Korean Bulgogi Wings – paired best with bubbles, the sweet umami in these wings was a table favourite when paired with a slightly sweet Prosecco.
  • Jerk dry rubbed wings – paired amazing with an earthy Pinot Noir.
  • Del Rio BBQ dry rub (think Tex-Mex) – paired great with the California Cabernet Sauvignon blend and also with the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

An event like this is a great chance to chat with a Sommelier in a casual setting and if you ever have the chance to meet our host for the night Certified Sommelier Tracy-Lynne MacLellan, she will wipe away all of your fears of learning from that stuffy wine expert. She is open and welcoming, passionate about wine and food pairings and the least stuffy “wine snob” you will ever meet.


With great food, wine and conversation here are a few more tips that I picked up that might help you surprise your guests (and yourself) on game day:

  • Remember you are matching your wine to your wing sauce not the chicken.
  • Make sure to try your sauces/seasonings once they have been baked or cooked as the flavour changes drastically.
  • Match your spicy wings with a lighter fresher slightly sweet wine. Try a Riesling for your white drinkers and a Pinot Noir for your red drinkers.
  • Match your mild and sweeter wings with a Sparkling wine or a Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Match up your BBQ wings with a Carmenere or Syrah.
  • If you are looking to keep the heat going, match your spicy wings with a bigger bolder slightly spicy red like a Cabernet Sauvignon or Carmenere.
  • When in doubt, choose Champagne!

Give something new a try next time you are eating or serving wings and don’t forget the few friends that love to sip their wine while partaking in the best game day munchie.


Remembering that matching wine with wings is the most acceptable way to leave fingerprints on your wine glass. I am Your Every Day Foodie.



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