Good Gravy …..

With the changing of the seasons also comes holiday eating and turkey time means gravy time! If your family is anything like ours, no turkey dinner is complete without loads and loads of gravy so much so that some people say its a food group not a condiment.

Growing up I remember watching all of the effort that it took mom to make a good gravy, drain the juices from the cooking turkey, put it outside in the cold to separate the fat from the drippings, adding all sorts of extra spices and thickening agents then all of the extra time and attention to cooking. Putting it either in the microwave because it thickens faster but still needs to be stirred every few minutes or in a pot trying to cook it to thicken but not boil it and burn it to the bottom of the pot.

Besides the effort and time that making traditional gravy takes, in recent years of cooking for ourselves we have discovered the amazing juiciness of a brined turkey. As those of you that are also in the brining club know, the juices that come from a brined turkey can be much too salty to use for gravy. So putting all of these factors together, a couple of years ago I decided to try an experiment using my crock pot that has now turned into the gravy at all family dinners.

This gravy recipe is all about being easy but super flavourful making it hard for almost anyone to tell the difference from a dripping gravy to this.

One of the biggest secrets is the cooking of the turkey stock in the crock pot overnight with the fresh poultry herbs. This infuses the stock with all the flavour of a roasted turkey with none of the effort. In the morning its as easy as taking out the herb stocks and mixing in gravy packets. Once those are all added, turn the pot down to low and leave it to cook and thicken. I stir it maybe once an hour after that and when its time to serve dinner its as easy as filling the gravy bowls (or hooking up the gravy IV) and you are set to go!

Heres how I put it all together…..

In your crock pot (I love one that seals completely because I can just lock down the lid and take it with us to dinners)


pour in your pre-made turkey stock (if you have home made stock great but since I am going for easy I use store bought stock).

Add in your fresh poultry herbs (I use fresh sage, thyme & rosemary) and any other spices you like I also like to add in some fresh garlic and pepper. Turn your pot to high and close it up to let cook overnight.


In the morning pull out all of the left over herb stalks (you can also use a spoon strainer to take out any herbs that have come off the stalk if you are looking for a 100% smooth gravy)

whisk in your gravy packets (this is where you have to remember how much stock you have used as each gravy packet is usually for one cup of stock or water so I use 4 packs per litre of stock).

Once everything is well whisked in, close the lid and bring the whole mixture back up to a boil on high temperature. Whisk it once more then turn down to low and whisk occasionally until you are ready to serve dinner! Making it in bulk like this also ensures that there is lots left for leftovers in the days to come.

Finding short cuts to easy and flavourful food making, I am Your Everyday Foodie.