Dinner Unplugged

We were recently able to snag an exclusive invite to an event in town called the Secret Supper. A mysterious event that I stumbled across on the twitter feed of the inner YYC foodie scene.

If you are a foodie in Calgary you have likely come across the name Forage Foods, a great little space located in Marda Loop that provides locally sourced sustainable take home meals and baked goods with an ever rotating menu.

What you may not know is that Infuse Catering located right next door is also owned by Wade Sirois who has been operating in the catering business for 25 years.

The secret supper is a new event held by Infuse Catering  and the mysterious invite comes by email with several rules but not many details. You must be willing to be adventurous with your pallet, be open to sharing a meal with strangers and the big one is to be phone and internet free for the night. This meal is meant to bring people together and remember what sharing food is really about. Trusting the chef to present you with what they do best (after all this is their passion) and enjoying a meal in the social manner in which it was meant to be.

We were presented with a long table in an intimate setting with candles and great music where we introduced ourselves to other guests and just enjoyed each others company, conversation and then of course the amazing food offerings from the chefs at Infuse. This night reminded us that every dish you are presented with has a great story behind it and that amazing collaboration of flavours we enjoy all come from someones heart and soul especially when made from farm to fork. Every dish we shared tonight was a fantastic journey of flavours and although I really want to keep it a secret the whole point to tonight was sharing so, I highly recommend any event you have that you consider an amazing local business like this.

I won’t share much more as to keep this a truly secret event but I will encourage everyone to find an event like this one. A local company that supports local vendors and encourages us to remember what breaking bread is really about.

Reminding you to get out there, be adventurous and remember to savour the moment and not the picture, I am Your Everyday Foodie.