Smoking -101.1, The build

Our smoking adventure is starting just like hundreds of others, once purchased and delivered to the nearest pick up centre we loaded the boxes into the back of our truck and headed home.

I have to say that the demo models always look so great but there is something just a little intimidating about looking at all of the boxes strewn around the deck and thinking that they are going to produce one of those demo models and work. The smoker itself comes in one large box however the package deal that we purchased came with a front shelf and a bottom shelf that had to be added into the build.


Working to beat another July thunder storm we tore into the boxes and forged ahead. The instructions are straight forward and easy to understand. There are no extra tools needed to put the unit together as the hardware package included everything including the required wrench and hex key.


One person can easily put the unit together although an extra hand does come in handy for lining up some of the screw holes for things like the lid handle and the smoke stack.


All in all, the total build took us a total of just under an hour and that included a little re-arranging of the deck to get everything positioned the way we wanted it. (Remember when positioning everything that you will need a power source nearby to run the smoking unit.)


Now all set up we were excited to start smoking and here is where we ran into our first snag. The unit needs to be seasoned for a full 45 minuets running on high before you can start to use it for cooking. Luckily we still have the BBQ so the short ribs we were planning on christening the smoker with got a good grilling instead.

The next day I started the final set up and seasoning process and although fairly simple there are quite a few steps to follow so make sure to read all of the instructions as you go. After about 15 minutes I had the first flame in the smoker and could smell the smoke, this is what we have been waiting for!


With fire in the box I put everything back together,


and set it to season for the required amount of time.


You may notice that we covered the grease drip tray in foil, this is in the instructions as it will aid in the cleaning process later on. The sales man actually had mentioned this to us and suggested we put several layers of foil on to make it even easier to clean, just take off the dirty layer and voila you are ready to go again! 45 minutes later and we were ready for our first foray into smoking.

Successful build, check… what to smoke first…..

Planning many smoking adventures, I am Your Everyday Foodie.



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