Smoking -101

Times are tough and finances are following right behind so as much as we enjoy going out to events and restaurants we have had to cut back and focus more on staying home. Being a foodie, this means I have to step up my game and find something new to explore in food so we made one last splurge and bought ourselves a Traeger Smoker.

Where smoking food used to be left to the professionals, today it has become a much more familiar pass time for people at home and the delectable smell of smoke often wafts through the neighbourhood on summer evenings. There is so much to learn and experience so instead of smoking 101 I am starting us at smoking -101 as we learn from the bottom up.

Our first experience on this journey is going to start us from the very bottom with putting together the many boxes now sitting in the back of my truck into a lean mean smoking machine!

I plan to share all of the ups and the downs, the successes and the failures and figure out all there is to know. From the basics like is it referred to as grilling, BBQ or smoking? What wood is best for smoking what food? Is it true that you can do more than smoke meat and do things like bake pies and breads? Right up to the big time with things like is there anything that you can’t (or maybe shouldn’t) put in the smoker? To cooking times, sauces, marinades and glazes.

So I hope you join me and follow along as we embark on this new adventure. Look out smoking world, here we come!

Starting an adventure in smoking, I am Your Everyday Foodie.


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