Italian At Home

I’m sure that there are more italian foods that you can make at home than pizza but this week that was our mission.

We have recently discovered the Italian Centre Shop in Calgary located on the corner of Fairmount Drive and Southland Drive SE. Having three locations in Edmonton the Calgary location is still a secret little gem.


A full service shop, it has an amazing selection of everything Italian you could imagine mixed together with a wonderful selection of local and Canadian products. Along with the regular groceries there is a beautiful bakery, full service cafe, hot food take out section and an amazing deli (my photos don’t even do it justice as you would need to do full panoramic shots to get it all in).

A stop at the meat side of the deli counter to pick out some meats for our pizza, I selected thinly sliced Speck (a smoked cured ham), hot Capicola and a flavourful Porchetta.


Around the corner to the cheese case and the almost overwhelming selection of cheeses available. My husband has a lactose intolerance so I am always looking for a good selection of lactose free cheese. There was a huge selection for me to choose from and they were patient enough to let me taste a few before making a decision. They were also nice enough to provide me a with a two page list of the lactose free cheeses that they carry.


The last section of the deli that I headed for was the fresh cheeses, mozzarella, feta and boccacini along with a great selection of olives, bruchetta and other brined goods. Here you can also find one of our favourites, fresh buffalo mozzarella.


Just a few more stops, the fresh vegetable section for tomatoes, portobello mushrooms and fresh basil. The amazing tomato sauce isle where among the many selections I found a cherry tomato sauce then down to the cooler section where you can pick up fresh pizza dough by the ball for only $1.98.

With all of our ingredients bought I headed home to prep. We were told by one of the friendly employees to re-work the pizza dough with a little soda water and let it rise  to make it fluffier and crisper. Time to chop the vegetables and herbs and break up the meats and cheeses.


Somewhere along the way we discovered that we had given away or lost our pizza stone so we decided to line a baking sheet with parchment and do a rustic style flat bread. One thing I discovered here was not to oil the parchment paper as it makes the pizza dough very hard to stretch out. On our second try we stretched the dough out on dry parchment paper and away we went.


Not much of a meat pizza person myself we made two pizzas, one had a little bit of Speck, bruschetta, fresh basil and buffalo mozzarella.


The second had Speck, hot Capicola, herbed Porchetta, portobello mushrooms fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, a lactose free cheese and some buffalo mozzarella.


We baked our pizzas at 450 degrees with the convection fan on for 20 minutes. The pizzas came out with a fluffy crust and a beautifully crisp bottom.


I have to say that after the flavours and perfect crust of these home made pizzas it is going to be hard for us to return to ordering pizza again. The total cost for our pizzas was about $25 and we were able to make them with some amazing fresh ingredients.

If you haven’t made a visit to the Italian Centre Shops I would highly recommend it. The staff are friendly and helpful and the selection is amazing. Everything from gluten free pasta and local meats to lactose free cheeses and everything in between. This will definitely become a regular shopping visit for us.

Enjoying Italian at Home, I am Your Everyday Foodie!



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