Authentic Mexico in the City

This week I had a friend visiting from out of town and she left the dinner plans to me. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful evening so what better to do than head down for some amazing Mexican food down on 4th Street.

Anejo is the spanish word for aged and this beautiful restaurant located in the historic Fourth Street Rose building is paying homage to traditional authentic Mexican cuisine.

Even on a Thursday night the place was buzzing and although we didn’t have a reservation we managed to snag a table on beautiful patio. The Tequila list at Anjeo is at the very least amazing, spanning two and a half pages there is sure to be something to please any Tequila lover. We however decided on fresh made margaritas, the selection of margaritas is a little outside the normal so we decided on the Chili Coconut with habernero, the Strawberry Rhubarb and the Cucumber Cilantro to try. All three were delicious but be warned the chili coconut has a pretty big kick . On any hot day I would definitely recommend the cucumber cilantro as it is amazingly cool and refreshing. One of the other things that caught our eye was the large bottle that water is served in at the table, if you go make sure to read all sides of the bottle while you are there!


We decided to order several dishes for sharing and started with the Guacamole ($14) served with fresh chips it comes to the table deconstructed in a large volcanic stone pestle and is then mixed fresh table side.


By far one of the best guacamoles that I have ever tasted, it had just the right amount of everything. Don’t panic when they dump in what looks like a large amount of jalepeno right at the end, without the seeds it just added an amazing flavour without the burning heat.


We also ordered the Ceviche Tasting ($20) which is a trio of seasonal cevichie made in the traditional method from the mexican province of Jalisco. Being that it is a seasonal dish, what is in your trio will change regularly but tonight our trio had snapper, salmon and scallop civiche. The salmon was by far the most flavourful and unique where as the snapper tasted more of the citrus than anything else.


To finish filling our bellies we decided on the 6 taco combination ($26) and we chose the crispy snapper, the wild boar and the beef short rib tacos. The tacos are the perfect size and are filled with your selected protein and a mixture of pickled cabbage, onion, cilantro, avocado mousse and a touch of chili. Hot sauces come on the side which gives you a chance to be as brave as you dare with the heat and the added flavours. You can also ask for fresh pico and other accompaniments on the side.


Overall this was a great experience and I am looking forward to going back soon to try more of the amazing menu. You can also order many of the menu items as gluten free (corn tortillas), lactose free and vegetarian so bring all your friends! This is a buzzing little location so I would recommend making a reservation to ensure you can get a spot to try some of the amazing traditional mexican fare that they are creating here.

Enjoying authentic mexican in the city, I am Your Everyday Foodie.

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