Dinning at the Ranche

An official historical site, this original ranch house has now become the site for The Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant.  Nestled in the quiet of Fish Creek Park the restaurant has set themselves apart serving a menu of seasonal locally grown ingredients that include sustainable seafood and an ever changing menu of local game meats.

The Ranche is a  casual fine dining atmosphere with wood through out the house, antler chandeliers and a huge stone fire place. The main dining room is surrounded by windows and lets you enjoy the nature of fish creek as you dine. On the Saturday night that we were dining there was a live musician playing in a corner of the dining room adding to the already welcoming atmosphere.

Shortly after being shown to our table and ordering our drinks a selection of fresh made breads and whipped butter arrived at the table along with a beautiful amuse-bouche of beef tartar. The beef tartar was very flavourful with excellent seasoning. We even managed to get the non-adventurous addition to our table for the night to join in and give it a try.


Tonight we started our dinner with the Charcuterie Board ($26) filled with an assortment of local and house made dried cured meats including anise cured salami and two types of game meat.


We also ordered the Spicy Glazed Wild Boar Belly. Both items were very tasty. The Charcuterie board is more than enough for a starter for two or three however we can just never resist ordering any sort of pork belly when we see it. The Pork belly was sweet, spicy, perfectly crispy and hard to share only because it was so good.


For our main courses we ordered the Pan-Seared Scallop  with house made ink squid pasta ($38),


the Alberta Sungold Lamb Shank with horseradish mash and ratatouille ($42)


and the Rougei Duck Breast with confit duck potato croquets ($39).


All of the main courses were delicious and perfectly cooked. The lamb shank pulled right off the bone and was moist and full of flavour. The duck breast was a perfect medium rare and the crispy confit croquets and the carrot pasta were the perfect match. The show stopper of the night however was the scallop dish, it is almost a show with your dinner as the bento flakes on top dance in the steam as the dish is served. The squid ink pasta was flavourful but not fishy and had just the right amount of sauce.


For desert we ordered the soufflé of the day. The mango soufflé was beautifully cooked and presented. The perfect puffy crisp dessert that is like eating a flavoured cloud. Once again the spoons were clashing as we fought to share this wonderful sweet end to our night.


The Bow Valley Ranche is a beautiful restaurant where you can enjoy a sunday brunch, an afternoon tea, a casual lunch or a lush romantic dinner. They hold several dinner events through out the year (we are hoping to attend one soon) so keep an eye on their web site so you can buy tickets early as they often sell out.  Also the perfect place for an event with the many private rooms placed through out the beautiful historic setting. Their menu changes seasonally and they are just about to move into their fresh spring menu which will warrant another visit sometime soon. I would recommend taking the chance to escape the bustle of the city and enjoy a wonderful meal here anytime.

Dinning in the beauty of nature in the city, I am Your Everyday Foodie.




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