Small Space Big View

In the beautiful mountain town of Canmore, down along main street there is an unassuming looking 1960’s era double decker bus that sits on a lot nestled between shops. From the outside you would never guess the amazing culinary delights that await you within.


We found this gem when we were exploring the web site for Canmore Uncorked which is a week long food and drink festival that highlights many of the best restaurants in Canmore. On the website for Canmore Uncorked the dinner at PD3 Blake was described as a unique dinning experience so we were intrigued from the start.

PD3 Blake is a food truck by day and a casual fine dining experience by night. This very cool modified bus hosts the kitchen and walk up food window on the main floor but follow the narrow spiral staircase upstairs and you find a charming and romantic mini dining room that seats an intimate 16 diners per seating.

This tiny space has been well imagined and they have found several ingenious ways to save space. Take for instance the wine glasses that also double as the beer glass, cocktail glass and flip it over and you have a martini glass. Although small, the clear chairs and open sprawling view of the mountains make the space feel spacious and inviting.


Our dinner tonight was a  five course $79 prix fixe dinner that included a glass of Prosecco when you arrive.  Expecting a set chefs menu we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of choices we were given. The first course and  fifth course dessert were set selections however for each other course there were several choices.


Enjoying the view with our bottle of wine and our menu decisions made, amazing smells started wafting up the stairway and filling the dinning room which set our tastebuds flowing.

Course one was described as Local Miners Coal and the Olive and the Peanut. The coal was actually an onion coal milk bun which had an amazing flavour that had our mouths watering and the conversation buzzing about what might be coming next.  Accompanying the coal was a bowl of green olives and spanish peanuts with smoked paprika. This combination will be a new must at any home gathering where we put out olives!


For course two we each picked a separate dish. The Ricotta Burrata with peas and mint and the Leche De Tigre which was actually a “ceviche” with hearts of palm and macadamia nut milk. This course was wonderfully fresh and flavourful with just the right amount of spice.

Third course consisted of Snob Toast described as prawn, foie and caviar and the Pork Belly Is A Candy dish with egg yolk and curried pop.  The dishes both surprised us when they arrived as the chef here has an amazing ability to take the ingredients that you think you know and change them to increase the flavour of every bite.

For course four we chose the PD3 (which seemed like the smartest choice considering where we were) which was a dish of pork done 3 ways including tenderloin, saigon pork belly and wild boar pate. Our other choice for this course was the Fat Scallop with shrimp grits, corn and smoke. This course was not only a feast for our tastebuds but a joy for our eyes especially when the scallop arrived and was presented in a smoke dome.


Finally the fifth course was dessert. Burnt Toast which was a plate with ice cream, raspberry jam, sweet butter and toast. Who would have ever thought that ice cream on toast would make a wonderful dessert! The perfect sweet ending to this amazing dinner.


The chef and his team here at PD3 Blake have a great passion that shows through in the meals that they produce, the environment they work in and the service they provide. I would highly recommend that if you are in Canmore or are planning a trip to the area, that you check out their web site and make a reservation for dinner and experience this amazing small space with the big view and amazing food.

If you are planning on attending your first tasting menu here are a few notes to keep in mind.

The portions may look small but if you savour each bite and let the amazing tastes and flavours envelop you, at the end of the meal your belly will be happily satisfied. Now the hard part, to somehow silence the voice in your head that is telling you that there is no way you have had enough to eat. Fight the voice and enjoy your tasting experience.

When you are eating your way through a tasting menu make sure to get a bit of everything from the plate on your fork for each bite. You will be amazed at how one item on the plate may not be amazing on its own but matched with everything else the flavours will all enhance each other and make your tastebuds dance.

If you have the chance take a look at Canmore Uncorked, take a drive into the mountains and enjoy a day, days or weekend exploring the culinary scene and all that Canmore has to offer. It’s not just the views that will amaze you!

Discovering culinary experiences big and small, I am Your Everyday Foodie.





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