Brunch With A View

Easter brunch is almost a pre-requisite it seems. So not wanting to buck the trend we decided to head out somewhere a little special.

Today’s Easter brunch adventure was to be out at the beautiful jewel in the foothills Azuridge Estate just a short drive 15 minutes west from the south end of Calgary on the 22X. A turn off the highway at Priddis, follow the signs to just one more turn and you are on the mysterious wooded road that leads up into the foothills then seems to magically pop you out at this beautiful location.

Once a private residence, it is now One of Canada’s only estate hotels complete with butler service and an amazing resturant that overlooks the beauty of the foothills.

The hotel and the resturant are both very intimate with a small number of rooms and an equally exclusive feeling in the resturant.

We were seated at a small table along the bank of floor to ceiling windows with a beautiful view of the vistas beyond. Shortly after being seated we were offered a complimentary drink with the choice of fresh red berry or white peach sangria. After admiring the view, enjoying our drinks and a hot coffee we decided it was time to venture up to the special Easter Extravaganza brunch.


A large selection of salads, breads, Charcuterie plates and beautifully smoked salmon were just the beginning. The lunch features included dishes like vegetarian lasagna and roasted chicken with mushroom sauce just to name a couple. The breakfast line up was even more impressive with apple pancakes, the most amazing bacon, sausages, roasted creamer potatoes, creamy scrambled eggs and a selection of vegetarian and traditional eggs Benidicts. At the end of the buffet line stood the carving station with the most beautifully roasted ham and roast beef of course with all the accompaniments.

The view here is beautiful but the food really was the star. Each dish was perfectly seasoned and each sauce was perfectly balanced not too light and not too heavy. I love a resturant where  there is no salt and pepper on the table and you never once miss not having it because everything is prepared to perfection.




With so much to choose from we sampled our way through the line then the beautiful dessert bar and lounged the morning away drinking coffee and enjoying the ambiance. With a live jazz duo in the corner and the sun shining in we enjoyed top notch service. Not once did we have empty coffee cups or an empty dish left at the table. With a second brunch seating at 1PM we never once felt rushed or neglected.

Azuridge is a beautiful setting tucked away in the beauty and silence of nature. With great little events like fondu night in the foothills, a casual dinning lunch, evening a la carte menu and what looks like an amazing fine dining chefs tasting menu there are options for every dining experience. At $65 per person for Easter brunch, we were expecting the best and Azuridge delivered on every front. We are looking forward to trying the tasting menu and will keep an eye on any upcoming events being held here and maybe even a chance to spend the night.

Discover more about Azuridge Estate on their web site at Azuridge Estate Hotel or take a relaxing drive west towards the mountains, follow the signs and stop to explore the possibilities!

Brunching with a view, I am Your Everyday Foodie.

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