Foodie at Home

I have said it before, I love tasting events. My wallet however does not always agree. So tonight we foodie at home.

What makes cooking at home worthy of a foodie? I think that changing up just one of your usual and expected ingredients can do just that. Tonight we switch out the everyday beef for bison.

With the ever rising price of beef and having thoroughly enjoyed bison at several restaurants we decided to stock the freezer with bison steak. A great replacement for beef, it is a leaner and more flavourful meat. We purchased our bison ribeye steaks directly from Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch for $10-14 per steak. They come vacuum packed so they store quite well in the freezer should you decide to stock up. You can now pick up their products at the Second To None Meat locations around the city.

The preparation for these steaks makes them so tender you hardly need a knife to cut them. I like to marinate them in juniper berry balsamic vinegar (from Soffrito at the Calgary Farmers Market) and then coat generously with seasoned salt and seasoned pepper (from the Silk Road Spice Merchant with locations in Inglewood and the Calgary Farmers Market).


Tonight we add in roasted sweet potato and lightly steamed asparagus with goat butter and truffle salt (also from the Silk Road Spice Merchant).

A quick turn on the grill for the steaks as bison is best cooked to medium rare at most, oven roast for the sweet potato and we’re off for our foodie night at home.


Here’s to more events coming up soon!

Cheers from Your Everyday Foodie

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