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This weekend we managed to snag a couple of last minute tickets to one of the Big Taste YYC  signature events. This event was held at the SAIT Culinairy campus in downtown Calgary which as you may assume is actually a SAIT cooking school. The students here provide a selection of fresh eats regularly for the downtown crowds.


Tonight the campus was turned into a free flowing, around the world culinary tasting event run by the students (with assistance of a few instructors) and accompanied by a selection of BC VQA wines. This event truly was an exploration as the guests had the opportunity to explore the cooking campus while roaming station to station tasting foods from around the world.


The students truly were the stars of the night. With each station being manned by a student cooking fresh creations from caramelized onion, bacon and poached pear flatbread to Parmesan crusted lamb with ratatouille and an amazing selection of seafood delights. So although there was a slight line up at a few stations it was worth the wait to be getting these steaming fresh creations cooked and plated right in front of your eyes.


We tasted sushi balls, lobster shooters, shrimp and grits, crab cakes, rabbit wrapped in prosciutto with a potato cake, duck confit perogies and many other delights.


Our bellies almost full we spotted the dessert table tucked away in one corner so away we went. We indulged in a selection that included chocolate mousse, banana maple muffins, vanilla honey pana cotta and a variation of tiramisu and a few other delectable treats.


At $85 per ticket this event was a great exploration of foods from around the world and the inside workings of a kitchen at the same time. An excellent free form event where you could choose your own pace to roam and taste.

The Big Taste YYC is a foodies dream event that covers 10 days in early spring. This year included 15 signature ticketed events and over 70 resturants that participated in various prix fixe menus that showcased the best of what they do. The ticketed events ran from $45 to $175 per ticket and included both afternoon and evening events. The prix fixe dinning included lunches that ranged from $15-$25, 3 course dinners from $25-$35 and a selection of gourmet 5 course dinners for $65. An amazing festival that happens each year, keep your eyes out for next year as this years event ends March 13.

Check out all of the action at and get details on next years events. And if you are interested in learning more about the SAIT Culinairy Campus take a look at them at

Continue tasting on!

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