Finding That Inner Foodie

You hear it all the time, “do what you love”. I am not a chef, a cook or culinarily trained but I love food. Therefore I have decided to find my inner foodie!

I am a normal girl, a blue collar worker that grew up in the city on a normal diet of meat and potatoes. Now that I am older and “grown up” I find myself branching out in the food I try and the culinary experiences in my life. My husband and I are not rich, we work together, live in a starter home and have a family of fur babies but we love enjoying new foods. My goal is to find food (and maybe wine) inspired events and resturants that can open anyone up to their inner foodie at an affordable price. I am your everyday foodie!

Last night we attended the Avenue Magazine 13th annual Best Resturants Awards at Willow Park Wine and Spirits. This is the first year that the event was opened up to the public and we managed to purchase early bird release tickets for $40 plus tax per person for the whole event. So for just over $80 we had an amazing night! We tried the most amazing food samples from the top 10 tried and true resturant winners along with fantastic wine pairings put together by the Willow Park team.

Each resturant was represented by their chefs and a team of support staff. The chefs were wonderful to speak with and never hesitated to answer any of our questions. We had tastes of items that included Mung bean pancake with kimchi pork, prawns and soy vinaigrette from Anju, Kusshi oysters with sea buckthorn foam and moscato pearls from Catch and the Oyster Bar to the most beautiful Polpette ( a veal meatball with tomato basil and Grana Padano) from Bonterra.

There was so much more than I could ever describe, every taste as amazing as the one before. We enjoyed everything from the swanky feel of the event to the samplings of food and wine to the chatting with the chefs and resturant representatives.

Last nights event truly inspired me to become Your Everyday Foodie. I hope that I can show everyone what’s out there and that it truly is ok to be an everyday person and still open yourself up to new foodie adventures.

For more information on the Annual Best Resturants Awards and all of the resturants listed be sure to take a look at Avenue Magazines website at In the coming months I know we will be tasting our way through most of the lists and keeping everyone up to date on those resturants and more!

Cheers from Your Everyday Foodie!



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